SEX in Port Saint Lucie Hint Open stories in a new window to save your place on this page.CRAVING COCK By Fernie of Stockton CA June 27th 2018A couple months ago I went jogging at a park near my home. It was about 800 in the morning and the park was pretty deserted. I finished at about 830 and headed to the small bathroom in the park to take a piss before heading home. As I walked past one of the stalls I noticed that someone was sitting there. He was a young Latino probably 18 or 19 with a shaved head. He had his sweat pants and boxers pulled all the way down. His dick was rock hard. He was looking at something on his phone and didnt see me at first. When he realized I was there he lowered his hand and cellphone over is lap in an attempt to hide his erection.CURIOUS CARLOS By Jeff of North Las Vegas NV June 20th 2018I live in North Las Vegas which has a very large Latino population and a lot of hot mostly straight Latin guys. My family has owned this house sin

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SEX in Jullundur I have to share a room with my fucking cousin on ThanksgivingHes a senior at Princeton and on the crew team. Im a 33yearold man and hes far too young for me to have anything in common for us to talk about. Its just going to be awkward. What should we do Maybe I should pack a deck of cards or some alcohol.by AnonymousThats what I do anyway.by Anonymous11182012Is he hot Given that hes on crew at Princeton Ill harbor that answer is a yes. Get him drunk and fuck him its not like you have the incest thing to worry about.Btw if you cant find any common ground for conversation topics youre not trying hard enough. Even crew guys dont get accepted to Princeton if theyre idiots ask him about his studies or his thoughts on the recent elections and Im sure you can come up with some interesting conversation topics even if you cant get laid. Incidentally Im 40 and have friends in their mid20s both straight and gay with whom I have zero problems conversing. I also have friends 60 and well up same thing no problems finding stuff to talk about.by Anonymous11182012Lets all stroke together Like the Princeton crew When youre strokin Mama Mamas strokin youby Anonymous11182012Dont go to bed at the same time as him. Surely theres some extra

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