Horny women no sign up Tikka Blued Barrel OkSo the local gun shop only has the Tikka T3 I want in synthetic stock blued barrel. I only hit the bench to sight in my gun for hunting. I live in Tennessee so we dont get too harsh of conditions here. I religiously wipe my guns exterior with a Hoppes cloth.Will the blued barrel make a good hunting rifle Is there any difference between the stainless and blued barrel on the inside of the barrelIf I was shelling out the bucks Id probably go stainlessNRA Endowment MemberPosts 1650I only live a 100 miles or so south of you and almost all my barrels are carbon steel. I actually prefer them to the point I just got through paying almost 800 to have a new carbon steel 260 barrel on a Model 7 and almost 1000 I had the ceramic coating put on this one to install a carbon steel 223 barrel

Srilankanlivesex cam STAINLESSSTEEL HOT CAUSTIC BLUEINGThere are at least two formulas available to hot blue stainless steel. I use DuLite 30 salts. The process is harder to use than regular salts takes more tanks temperature is more critical and is generally tougher all around. The results are the same as regular hot blueing.Just like blueing carbon steel stainless blueing is a stain and does not add dimension to the metal. There is some passification whatever that is so the results are not a tremendously high gloss more like the factory finish on most guns. To find out if your gun is stainless steel put a magnet on it. There should be some pull but not as much as carbon steel. So if youre tired of spooking game with your shiny stainless steel gun or if youre in law enforcement and dont want to look like a perp stainless steel blueing is for you. STAINLESS STEEL RIFLE BARRELS 150.00STAINLESS STEEL RIFLES COMPLETE 310.00STAINLESS STEEL HANDGUNS 270.00

Free of cost vedio chating xxx threesome-vxsexcam.comBest Answer I do a LOT of squirrel and rabbit hunting in the rain. I use a Ruger 1022 All Weather and a Savage Mark II FSS in stainless with synthetic stock quite a bit. If the weather is decent Ill take my Winchester 310 .22 single shot rifle. The stainless is more corrosion resistant and I prefer not getting a nice walnut stock wet or carrying it through the brush scratching it. I clean all my guns right after use too but it always feels better to me to get a synthetic stock wet or have briars going over it than a nice woodblued gun. Ive always liked the looks of the all weather guns too. My Grandfather was the opposite he didnt like them a bit. He was strictly a woodblued steel kind of guy. It was really the only thing we disagreed on gunwise. Also without as much wear on a synthetic stock as opposed to wood and stainless as opposed to blued steel the resale value will tend to stay higher on an all weather gun than its woodblued twin through the years. So I wouldnt say theyre better but if youre in lousy weather or areas where your gun is subjected to a lot of brush or getting knocked around an all weather gu

Cute adult sex videos just now The stainless is more weather resistant but it must have some sort of camouflage put on it when hunting to keep it from reflecting light and spooking the game that you are hunting. Blued barrels do not spook animals but care must be taken with them to prevent rust. They are not that hard to take care of. Just wipe them down with a rag with a llittle bit of gun oil on it. I personally like to use Renaissance wax on the outside of my guns. it is a monocrystalline wax that is used by many museums to keep their metal displays from rusting or corroding. It is available from many fine furniture stores. it is a bit expensive but you need so little that a jar will last you for years. Thumbs up

Sex chat whit skype While there are Ferritic types of stainless I do not believe those are often used in firearms manufacture.Austenitic stainless steel is a face centered cubic lattice which means about twice as heavy as steel. I have yet to see gun manufacturers come clean on this fact and list their stainless version with a true heavier weight. While corrosion resistant not all stainless is stain less. Inner workings are often not very stain less because Austentic stainless is too soft for many wear surfaces. In practical terms however an outdoor gun is much better in stainless provided limited rapid fire can be acceptable.Over heating a stainless barrel with rapid fire can damage it as well as alloy steel and accuracy will deteriorate for several reasons. Stainless expands twice as much as alloy steel and its ability to conduct the heat thermal coefficent of conduction is much less than alloy steel. For spray and pray choose alloy steel.My collection is half of each and there are different merits and aesthetics to each material.Click to expand...The density of carbon steels is 0.28 lb.cubic inch stainless steels 0.286 lb.cub

Free live chat lines allcamsclub.comMini 14 blued versus stainlessOK what are the real tradeoffs as between blue and stainless Minis Forgetting looks is there a difference in how they shoot Is there a difference in corrosion I have had a blued 1982 blued Mini forever since 1982 when Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth and just bought my son and I a pair of Mini 14 Ranch Rifles one blued and one stainless.For those who claim corrosion is an issue with the blued my Blued Mini stayed in my gun safe with zero maintenance for an 11 year stretch during which it was never fired and it received no attention whatever. My home is right on the salt water in an ocean harbor. Amount of corrosion to the Mini 14 Zero.Both my Ranch Rifles are so new that it is too early to say whether one groups better than the other. You hear different things about this.The blued gun is around 50 cheaper around here and comes with a lovely wood stockSo what are the real tradeoff experts Or are there any besides aestheticsSlavery is not Freedom. To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. You currently have 0 posts.Posts 1599All things being equal Ive seen studies that suggest a stainless barrel will outlast a blued barrel by a small margin. Since Ive never shotout a Mini barrel all I can tell you from my experience is Blued v StainlessBlued v StainlessHey guys...this might be a very elementary question but in any event I would appreciate your help. Again kind of new to pistol owning and beginning my collection. Ive noticed that some guns come in a blued finish and some in stainless. Can someone explain the difference to me This will really help in my future purchases. Thanks in advancejcummings01Liked 202 Times in 121 PostsStainless guns are more forgiving when it comes to rust and corrosion all my hunting handguns are stainless but some feel the blued guns are nicer in the looks department beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Usually ill buy the stainless version of a gun instead of the blued version that is if the gun is offered in stainless. Just my taste is all.Mule88Posts 3136Liked 322 Times in 215 PostsMany of the modern Blue autos are if fact some other blueblack coating usually much more durable than the earlier blued guns. I to love the look of a high polished blued auto or revolver but I do own many more stainless guns just the same.handgunner356Liked 1 Time in 1 PostAfter having a semiheated discussion with a friend over Glock Kabooms he showed me some pictures of 1911s that also went Kaboom. Each of JMBs masterpiece shown was made of stainless steel. Is this a coincidence or is stainless weaker than carbon steelSamuel AdamsThis post

Wer will sexchat auf skype Blued vs Stainless3 Blued vs StainlessWhat is the best finish for barrels blued or stainless steel I am not sure which is more durable and scratchding resistantPlease give your opinionSuppose you were an idiot and suppose you were a member of Congress but I repeat myself. Mark TwainRealize best encompasses more than durability and damage resistanceThe difference between a Socialist and a Communist is that the Socialist doesnt have all the guns yet.6073If theres no difference in accuracy between the metals go with stainless if your stock is dark and blued if your stock is light or FDE. If all else is equal appearance rules. Take all due care when handling carrying using cleaning and storing your weapons and rust scratches and dings should not be an issue.1082Stainless is generally not as durable as the steel used in blued guns. It will scratch d

Xxx text chat 1 1 by Swarm 19 Mar 2014 901 amThis is one of those conversations where all sorts of technical and metallurgical reasons why one is better or worse than the other get tossed around an nothing gets decided e.g.I believe stainless is heavier than Chrome Moly which some people argue makes it more rigid due to the density and so more accurate.Chrome Moly is harder though so wears slower apparently which means barrel life and accuracy drop off is slower.On paper Ok. In practice I dont know that either of them make a difference.Sako 75 Hunter IV 6.5x55 SE with Leupold VX3L 4.514x50mmCZ 455 .22LR with Leupold VXR 39x40mm CDSWinchester 88 .284 Winchester

Onlin bangoli sax Stainless AR barrels lose their accuracy after 5000 rdsI dont think sobarrels lose their accuracy from erosion from hot gases from burning powder. Stainless steel is more resistant to erosion so that piece of info isnt true.If given the choice of blued or stainless I would pick stainless in a heartbeat. IIRC when the 264 Win mag first came out they were fitted with SS barrels to improve barrel life. Granted Ive never shot out a barrel of any rifle but the match shooters may back me up here. The only reason to pick blued SS is price.

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Katharine McPhee This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Published on Oct 5 2012How To Choose A Rifle Pt.3 of 3 Stainless vs. Carbon SteelBlued Barrel. While at the Remington Headquarters in Madison N.C. we discuss the difference between choosing stainless or carbon steel blued barrels. Watch Parts 1 and 2 of How To Choose A Rifle Category

Chat cam pee room Posts 6Stainless vs. BlueIm new to hunting and have to figure this stuff out on my own no mentor. Anyway does anyone have any successful experience hunting with stainless steel finishes I was told that I should choose blued over SS cause the SS is shinier and will throw glints while hunting deer. Is this true I really like the Marlin or Rossi SS 3030 lever action aesthetics mainly. Wont SS hold up better than blued guns Or is it like having a Harley with lots of chrome loud and lots of maintenance Any guidance appreciated.Posts 10606I use a blued Savage 3006 to hunt with. It does get wet and I have to be very diligent about drying it off spraying it down with WD40 water repellant and then oiling it after having it in the woods especially when it snows or rains.It seems that lots of people prefer stainless and composite stocks for hunting more resistant to the elements. Its all what you like no one else is going to care one way or another.Posts 6Part of my interest besides looking cool b is the durability issue the other is spooking the quarry with glints from a SS barrel action. Does this cause a problem for anyoneLocation Panama Ok.Posts 660I dont have a problem with Stainl

Local adult chat lines 181That was my thought having been a mechanic for 15 years Id seen all grades of steel grade 8 bolts dont rust they probably do but compared to grade 5 they dont. And there are cheap bolts out there than snap and strip and rust to the point theyre nearly worthless.My experience has been while stainless is certainly less maintenance intensive it too comes in grades commercial food grade is much harder to stain and more durable and often shinier than the consumer grade stuff you pick up at the store or home center.I just figured gun makers would be the same hence a 357 or 44 mag would be made of better metal than a 38 would stainless or blued. Perhaps my brother in law heard that stainless was better early in his shooting experience or from some trusted source and has not bothered to further investigate. Being an engineer in the auto industry and now in aerospace I just thought maybe he knew something I didnt.