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Bumble bee tuna The back alley bastard child of noir pulp and Hitchcockian paranoiathe erotic thrilleris oneof the most indulgent and trashy genres in cinema but its not without itsmerits. It hingeson the marriage of sex and deathmixing up seduction deceptionand violenceinto a decadently delicious cocktailthat allows us to explore our basest animal instincts from a safe distance. And theyre not all about the sex though they area lotabout the sex the best erotic thrillers entangle their lurid affairs into compelling mysteries and dramatic tales of Which might sound a bit like the old I read it for the articles refrain but Playboy always has had excellent articles and erotic thrillers are built on gripping stories.Theyre also a dyingbreed. The oncepopular genre has all but become a relic of the 90s especially in Americaanabsent voice in the modern cinematic landscape that is dearly missed.No doubt the rise of the internet and subsequent easy access to pornography have stifled the genre which once offered a semirespectable means oftitillationwithout the cultural shame of a stop to the porn shop.Image via UniversalFocus FeaturesHowever that escapist need fortitillation ha

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