SEX in Overland Park With love respect and deep appreciation I offer my thanks to both my sister Karen Marciniak and Tera Thomas cocreators and coconspirators of Earth. A special tribute to the faith of Barbara and Gerry Clow and to their reliable and responsible guidance and support as well as the entire staff of Bear Company who do an impeccable job of working with and holding the energy. The meticulous skill of copyeditor Gail Vivino brought new meaning to the word clarity helping to create a smooth and readable text and the finesse of Marilyn Hager created the final elegant and splendid form. A special testimonial to the remarkable talents of artist Peter Everly whose work once again graces our cover. Peter gave us an exquisite image from which Earth would evolve.Loving thanks to my parents Ted and Bertha Marciniak and my entire family who have always been there for me.A thanks to the pioneers of thought you adventuresome souls who so eagerly embrace the world of spirit and to Earth herself for giving us all a place to be from.And not to be forgotten a loving tribute to the Pleiadians whoever they may be who so effortlessly stand by offering steadfast and undaunted faith in our process as human beings. Their unrelenting love is a marvel to me and in turn serves to give me the da

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Bumble bee rug uk of which probably makes me sound reactionary and rather oldfashioned. But do you know something I couldnt care less. Ive always been extremely candid perhaps too much so. Often friends sarcastically say to me Why dont you say what you mean JoanieRiots Joan Collins says Britain has descended in boorishness full of yobs like those in the recent disorder picturedWell Im afraid I usually do which is why I have in the past been called opinionated prejudiced and anachronistic. I have reached an age though when as long as no one gets hurt I do and say what I like.The death of chivalry is an issue close to my heart and one which saddens me. Manners have been thrown out of the window and politeness is an oldfashioned word used to describe a code of behaviour that has gone for ever. Whats so depressing is that its happened here in Britain once the home of flawless good conduct. Instead we have embraced boorishness as our national emblem.The very idea of opening a door for someone or standing up when a woman arrives at the table is completely alien to many people today. Why has the desire t

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