Free inact free adult video chat 623 sharesThe thin barb was found in an excavation last year and archaeologists discovered it was a perfect fit pictured to a broken part of a delicate arrow head discovered at just a few feet away five years earlierThe arrowhead is quite unlike anything else found in Britain. Unlike other flint arrowheads from the time it is unlikely it was used for hunting but may have had some ceremonial purposeThey used a technique called pressure flaking to create a razor sharp edge on either side.Experts believe the arrow could have belonged to the chief of a Noelithic tribe at the time. The site where it was found is thought to have been an important building at Marden Henge.David Dawson director at the Wiltshire Museum said The arrowhead was in two parts. One was excavated in 2010 and the second part the long tail was found last year.They are now on display after they were put together for the first time in over 4500 years.The arrowhead was found at Marden Henge which is 10 times the size of Stonehenge further to the southThe main part of the arrowhead pictured was discovered during an excavation in 2010. The flint h

Oldmansex video chat live show Boy Scout 10 essentials Items every Scout needs in the outdoorsBy Stephen RegenoldScouting magazinePrepared. For Life. Its more than a motto for Scouting its a way to plan and execute each outing even if its just a Saturday morning hike. In the woods the itemshere stowed in a daypack can keep you comfortable warm hydrated safe and most of all prepared to face what nature puts in your path whether you asked for it or not.This list is based upon the Scout Basic Essentials included in theBoy Scout Handbook and

Australian adult chat site .DunhillAlfred Dunhill inherited his fathers business leather goods saddlebags and later various products for first cars owners bobbyfinders glasses or windshielded pipe are the examples of his original ideas. He opened his first shop on London Duke Street when he was 35. First Dunhill striker lighter named EDNITE appeared in 1914. Alfred Dunhill improved the patent of Greenwood Wise from 1919 and in 1924 the UNIQUE lighter was introduced. The Unique with horizontal flint tube can be operated in one hand and was produced in four ABCD sizes A was the smallest. The prototype made of mustard dose can still be seen in Dunhills Museum. This was Alfred Dunhills greatest impact on lighters history. He sent his lighters to artists and goldsmiths and offered original highly elaborated pieces to his customers. Double wheel was added to Unique lighter in 1928 in the same year Parker company is founded by Alfred Dunhill. There were other technically interestin